Fresh Fish - Feb 1st

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          It is fresh fish time again!

          This week we have a special fish coming in; we are featuring a species known as Black Cod or Sablefish. It is a white fleshed fish from the deep cold waters off the coast of Alaska. It has a large flake and a very buttery taste. It has a high price; but it is a real treat! The filets weigh about 2.5 lbs and we will recut to order; we mostly cut 8 oz. portions.

The other fresh fish coming in to enhance your diet we will be: Atlantic salmon, wild Arctic Char, & Rainbow trout.

          We strive for wild Canadian fish; but some species are now mostly farmed and/or only available from other countries. Our packaging clearly states if the fish are wild caught and where.

          Ontario Pickerel is currently out of season fresh; but we a good supply of frozen.

          We are restocking our frozen fish and shrimp as not all species are available fresh; but for the most part the frozen fish are flash frozen at the time of capture. In frozen we have Wild haddock, wild Pollock, wild Grouper, wild Sockeye salmon, wild tuna steaks, wild Halibut, & crusted wild Cod from B.C. In shrimp we have wild argentine shrimp, 16-20’s and shell on wild argentine 11-15’wild Canadian salad shrimp and jumbo shrimp almost the size of lobster tails (& cheaper)

          Atlantic salmon comes in 3 -3.5 lb filets that we re-cut to portion sizes. If you would like a whole filet or specific sizes cut to your specs advise us by Wednesday afternoon and we will have it ready for you on Thursday. The same applies to Black cod.



Don & staff