December 12th

Posting date

week I am going to harp on you about ordering turkeys, hams etc.


We have placed our orders with our suppliers for turkeys and hams. What we have ordered is all we will be able to get. At the moment we have a fair supply in most sizes; but when they are spoken for there are no more. Sizes range from 11 lbs to 24 lbs. Hams are available in ¼  and ½ hams (5-6 lbs & 11-12 lbs)

 New this year is boneless, skin on turkey breast, they weigh about 2.5 lbs and can be stuffed and rolled or just rolled. They are perfect for a small group! Orders open until Dec 15th

Capon size roasting hens weighing about 7 lbs are available to order until Dec 15th

 AAA Black Angus prime rib roasts are open for ordering until Dec 15th. Sizes from 3 lbs to 16 lbs

Special requests phone us @ 905.342.2499 and we will try!


Pick up for fresh Christmas items is Dec 22nd

Regular hours up to and including Dec 22nd

We will be closing early Dec 23rd       “9:00 A.M. to3:00 P.M.”

Dec 24 to Jan 02 Closed.

Reopen Jan 03 2024