Father's Day Event!



Fresh fish for Fathers day weekend starting on Thursday June 16th through Sunday 19th, 2016






To develop my seafood product line, I have been doing a lot of looking and reading.

I would not call it an argument, but there is definitely a division regarding which is best: wild fish or farmed fish. If I were to write down all the pros and cons of farmed vs. wild it would run to several pages or more. So, I am going to let you decide which is your preference.

For me the key issues for both are sustainability, preservation of the environment, anti-biotic free in farmed fish and unpolluted water for wild fish.

Until our sales grow and I am able to find suitable suppliers, we are going to feature:

  • wild haddock
  • wild pickerel
  • New Brunswick farmed Atlantic salmon and
  • local farmed rainbow trout.
  • Argentine shrimp

Our plan is to have fresh fish the first weekend of each month and frozen in between. Hopefully by April or May of 2016 we can increase the fresh to bi-weekly.

We are always looking for suitable new items and we are especially looking for wild North American shrimp, Bay of Fundy scallops and B.C. rockfish.

This is an exciting extension of our product line.  Stay tuned!

Fresh Fish Schedule
Smoked rainbow trout
Frozen wild Ontario pickerel
Frozen wild halibut (B.C. I.Q.F. at sea)
Fozen Atlantic salmon New Brunsick
Frozen wild Argentine shrimp
NEW -- Wild Sockeye salmon burgers
-Smoked rainbow trout


Fresh Perch in an iron skillet hit the spot!