SausageMennonite sausage; no fillers, or additives. 

All sausage is made from fresh naturally raised hogs, chickens or turkey. 

No added fillers -- most are gluten, soya, nitrate, MSG free; the exception is smoked products which may have nitrates. 

All are from Stemmlers Meats in Heidelburg, a family owned butcher/deli celebrating 25 years in business.


We carry the following cuts:

Sausage Product List
Breakfast sausage 1 lb.
Sun-dried & tomato sausage (pork) 5/pkg.
Dinner (farmer's) garlic sausage 5/pkg.
Double Smoked Farmer's Garlic 5/pkg
Oktoberfest sausage 4/pkg
Bratwurst Sausage 4/pkg
Chicken Curry (mild) 5/pkg
Chicken,feta & spinach 5/pkg
Turkey breakfast sausage 12/pkg
Turkey sausage 5/pkg
Smoked Honey Garlic 4/pkg.
Mild Italian Sausage 5/pkg
Hot Italian sausage 5/pkg
Texas jalapeno with cheddar, smoked 4/pkg
Chorizo, smoked 4/pkg
Turkey & leek with garlic buds 5/pkg
Ball Park Frank 4/pkg
No-nitrate beef weiners 8/Pkg
No-nitrate turkey weiners 8/Pkg
Cotton bag summer sausage. Chubs available in traditional pork and beef, all beef Each approx. 2.2 lbs

Thanks to the National Pork Board for permission to display
their mouth-watering
pork creations. 
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Sausage on a bun