We handle Mennonite Heritage chicken  and Yorkshire Valley Organic chicken raised naturally -- free run.  No drugs, hormones or animal by-products used in feed.

Mennonite Heritage Poultry

Fresh Mennonite Heritage poultry arrives every Thursday for weekend shopping.
Frozen product always on hand.

We feature large roasters and the cuts are from the same large birds.

As well as the roasters we have:

  • boneless skinless breast
  • bone-in breasts
  • boneless skinless thighs
  • wings
  • leg quarters.
  • Fresh free-run turkeys, geese, capons always great for festive seasons -- order ahead!
Poultry Product List
Free Run Roasters 6-8 lb.
Chicken breasts boneless/skinless 1/pkg,
Chicken breasts, bone-in skin on 2 per pkg.
Chicken leg& thigh attached 2 per pkg.
Chicken thighs, boneless, skinless 1.75 lbs/pkg
Wings 1.75 lbs/pkg
Farm fresh eggs doz
Chicken or turkey Pot Pies 2/pkg.
Ground chicken 1 lb.
Turkey Burgers 4 X 4 oz.
Ground Turkey 1 lb.
Chicken curry Sausage 5/pkg
Chicken Dinner Sausage 5/pkg
Chicken, feta, spinach saus 5/pkg
Turkey Sausage 5/pkg
No nitrate turkey wieners 8/pkg
Turkey Breakfast Sausage Pkg sizeĀ 
Special Order
Free Run Turkeys (seasonal) 15-30+lb.
Capons 8-10 lbs
Free Run Geese (seasonal) 10-12 lbs
Peking Ducks 5-6 lbs


Beer-can Mennonite chicken, finishing off on our charcoal smoker, soon ready for a feast!