Northumberland lamb in season; available in most cuts and small portions.

Mary had a little lamb
So did Rob Slyvie and Sam
Problem is, my man
Neither Mary, Rob, Slyvie or Sam
Have enough lamb.

I paraphrased that little ditty a couple of years ago; now it is outdated as I have secured a quality consistent supply of local Ontario lamb from a consortium of sheep farmers in Northumberland, Prince Edward County & Kawartha Lakes. The lambs are raised on a vegetarian diet-no drugs or hormones-with excellent animal husbandry.

 The farmers 'lamb' several times per year to avoid the feast or famine syndrome. The lamb is processed at Little Britain Meat Packers. Vito Greco and his staff do a great job trimming and all cuts are vacpacked.

We endeavor to have all the cuts on hand frozen. Currently we have fresh lamb at 3-4 week intervals and prior to Holidays. If you need fresh for special occasion contact me and we will try to work it into our schedule.

Our lamb is local Northumberland and Prince Edward County —no drugs, no hormones—  pasture and farm grown hay and grain. No animal by-products used.

We carry the following cuts:

Lamb Product List
Whole leg roast bone-in 5 lb.
Sirloin roast, bone in 2-3 lb.
Bone-in Gigot (leg) chop 1 lb.
Shanks 1 lb. approx
Sirloin chops 1 lb. ++
Loin chops (T-bone) 3/Pkg.
Shoulder chops 1 lb +2/pkg.
Shoulder roast, boned 3 lb.
Lamb stew meat, boneless 1 lb.vacpack
Ground 1 lb vacpack
Whole lamb 50 lbs. approx

Bones and organ meats available

A leg of free-range lamb on our charcoal BBQ,
slowly smoking over fresh roasted veggies

Free-range lamb chop with organic veggies


Free-range sheep