Econo/Bulk Orders -- Beef and Pork

// taken down Dec 15, 2017

Ground Beef Red Tag Special

15 lbs. Reg $92.25
* SPECIAL $ 78.45 *

SAVE $ 13.80

45 lbs REG $ 276.75
* SPECIAL $225.00 *

SAVE $51.75

Not eligble for reward points

Econo/Bulk Orders Product List

Beef Econo Order

Pkg Size or Price
Med. Black Angus Ground Beef (approx. 1.1 lb pkgs) 5 lbs+. ***$25.00
Beef Pot Roasts 10 lbs. ***$75.00
Beef Stew (approx. 1.1 lb pkgs) 5 lbs+ $35.00
Total Weight of above items 20+ lbs. reg. $193.702
>>> Special package price 20 lbs. spec. $135.00
>>> Special Package Prices are subject to change without notice.
Black Angus single source Med. ground beef 5 pkg for $25.00

Beef Long Loin

Long loins include the best steaks & some ground. Each long loin weighs approx 70 lbs on the hook and will yield approx 53 lbs of finished beef cuts including: tenderloin, strip loin and sirloin.

T-bones can be cut instead of tenderloin and strip loin.

Current pricing is approx $9.95 lb on the hook or $700.00.

Price will vary depending on weight of loin and market price. It is the best way to buy steaks!!

Long Loin and Econo Beef

Combine the long loin with the Econo Beef pkg for the best of steaks and lots of ground stew etc. Approx $1000.00

Beef Front Quarter and Long Loin

This combination represents the best way for large purchases. The front will give you prime rib roasts and steaks, pot roasts, stew meat and ground.

The long loin as noted above will give steaks and sirloin roasts.

As the market is volatile each order needs a quote. This is the best of wholesale buying.

Estimate $1750.00 for pkg

Beef Sides and Quarters

Sides and quarters are available at market prices—call for quote


A full loin of pork will weigh approx 18 lbs and can be cut as all pork chops or as chops & roasts. Price will fluctuate with market. Estimate $5.50 lb.

Sides of Pork

A side of pork will weigh about 100 lbs. It will be cut to your specification.

Prices are volatile this year. Estimate $3.50 on the hook cut and wrapped.

Definitely the most economical way to purchase pork.

Approx $325.00

If you want a large amount of any meat product we will be pleased to prepare a quote for you.

There is no better Beef or Pork!