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Here is the last of the Black Angus rib-eye. Cooked with pasta in a fresh pesto that Wen made. And yes there is a small bit of your bacon in there.
       The Money Shot!
And by the way I would like a ham for Thanksgiving. Cheers, Edward  
[by email (with photos) Oct 2, 2017]

Re: Fresh Perch from Seafood Event:

Those hit the spot!

CLICK HERE to see Edward's perch sizzling in the old iron skillet.  
[by email (with photo) Aug 6, 2017]

Hi Don,
I just wanted to give my compliments to your wife on making such a wonder tasting and moist fruitcake. Of course I couldn't wait to have a piece and did so as soon as we got home. I know how expensive it is to buy all the ingredients to make one of those and I appreciate your wife making them and offering them to your customers. Thanks a bunch.

Fruitcake was my lunch and I have the brisket cooking in the oven low and slow for dinner.
Edward (and Wen and Meatball).  
[by email Dec 12. 2016]

I stopped by your place with my daughter on Friday having just heard of you.

I fired up the Weber charcoal BBQ on that night (with a nice cast-iron grill and cooked your tenderloin & a few sausages. The next day I did the same with your hamburgers. FABULOUS. I can't remember the time I've had such great meat. Lean, tasty, tender...I've been singing your praises ever since. My buddy Jack B. knows all about you but somehow forgot to mention you to me - he has since been reprimanded!

In me you have a number 1 fan.
Thanks and take care.
Carl S. 4th Line Port Hope  
[by email Feb 18, 2017]

Thanks Don for another delicious New Years dinner.
Happy New Year.
Keith and Sheila
[this was a prime rib roast]

It's New Years and we still have a lot of turkey to eat -- that was a wonderful, huge bird and we had the whole family here (10 of us) and still couldn't eat it all. Lots of delicious soup too.
Thanks, Don!
David L.

Best turkey we've ever had
Brad C.  
[via email Oct 11, 2016]

Hi Don
Another great turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving.

Catherine S.  
[via email Oct 10, 2016]

Many thanks for the rib roast we purchased from you. This is the third year we have purchased a roast from you.
The roast and your and your cooking instructions (closed door method) are much appreciated by our family.
It is fast becoming a New Year's Day tradition.
Keith & Sheila Mathews

I usually don't buy Sirloin steak as the stuff in the super markets is tough; but the one I bought from you last was so tender and tasty I am back for more

thanks, Don They taste great----I look forward to your column each week and enjoy making and trying your recipes. Thanks again, Your faithful reader,Marcella

Hi Don,
I just wanted to pass along an article that was written about our turkeys just for interest sake: Click here

Hope all is going well!
Take Care

Hi I was wondering if you have a cookbook full of your amazing recipes? I look forward to getting the Thursday paper each week to see what exciting recipe you have. Thanks for sharing
Signed a fan,
Margaret A.  
[via email Aug 23 2013]

Don replies:
No book at this point, Margaret, but thanks for the idea! Right now, you can pick up our latest recipes on this website on the "Recipes" page.

Hello Don
congratulations , on your wonderful success, Makes me regret moving out to BC , & missing all your wonderful products
God Bless Love Tony & Rita  
[via email Aug 21 2013]

We really enjoyed the roast and steaks we bought last time. They were the best beef we have had. The aroma and flavour were the best. It reminded me of beef the way it was fifty years ago.

Ron C.  
[via email Aug 16, 2013]

the chicken we got from you was amazing--just did the beer can thing and it turned out great""
[via email Jul 18, 2013]

Hi Don,
Making your baked beans (April 2012) great receipt ---I think! I did not taste the beans after I boiled them & simmer for 45 mins.They are now in the oven with all the great stuff and they still very firm My fault!! Any suggestions how I can fix them up?
Thanks Marcella  
[via email Feb 28, 2013]

Don replies:
Add more liquid and continue cooking. Water is OK, cider, apple juice, ginger ale--avoid salty stocks. It happens to me as well sometimes. I think slower cooking or partially covered cooking--lid on roaster for half cooking time?

Hi Don, Many thanks for another delicious roast. One of my grandson's told me the beef melted in his mouth!
Happy New Year.
[via email Jan 5, 2012]

Hi Don,
Just a line to let you know how good the butter tarts were, reminded me of the Maxwell housecoffee slogan quite a few years ago,"MMMMMMGOOD,. I will definitely buy them again and recommend them to anyone.
[via email Aug 11, 2011]

Hi Don, we tried your recipe for the rainy day rib,s, they were great. Nice and moist, and tender.Near the end we just browned them on the bb que.Have some left over for tomorrow, we did a full rack. Take care.
Mary G.  
[via email Sept 2, 2011]

Hey Don,

Good turkey. I ate too much!

Dave L.  
[via email Thanksgiving, 2011]

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