Bison and Game Meats

Because of your interest, we have added Game Meat to our venue. Finding the right supplier wasn't easy; but, we have a quality supplier with reasonable prices.

Our supplier operates a game farm and resort north west of Kawartha Lakes. Our product list will grow but we currently carry: ground Bison, Bison patties, Bison sausages.

The animals are pastured and fed hay in a free range environment. There are no GMO's, hormones or anti-biotics in their feed. This creates an excellent opportunity to add clean, natural meat to your diet.

Bison & Game Meat Product List
Ground Bison approx. 1 lb.
Ground Elk approx. 1 lb.
Bison patties, seasoned. 4 x 4 oz.
Smoked Bison sausage 4 per pkg
Bison patties, seasoned. Each
Elk rib steak Each
Rainbow trout fillets 2 per pkg.
Ground wild boar 1 lb. pkg
Wild Boar shoulder roast Ind roasts 3-5 lb.
Pecking duck 6 lb approx.
Pecking duck breast 2 / pkg
Guinea Fowl Each
Cornish Game Hen pkg.
Farmed Rabbit, Special order App. 3 lb.

Other cuts may be available on request—order Tues. for Friday