Our Black Angus Beef originates locally from Northumberland County; aged naturally.

No drugs or hormones used; no animal byproducts in feed.

Ground beef, stewing beef, steaks, and roasts: fresh and frozen on hand.

We welcome special orders; order Monday for Friday delivery.

We carry the following cuts:

Beef Product List
Lean Black Angus Burgers 4 X 4 oz. 
Lean Black Angus Burgers 16 X 4oz. 
Lean Black Angus Burgers 8 X 6 oz. 
Med. Black Angus Ground Beef, single source 1.1 lb
Lean Black Angus Ground Beef , single source 1.1 lb 
Black Angus ground brisket, single source 1.1 lb.
Black Angus Pot Roasts, Blade, chuck, cross Rib Per lb. 
Black Angus Sirloin Roasts Per lb. 
Black Angus Prime Rib Roasts Per lb. 
Black Angus Rib Steaks Per lb. 
Black Angus Sirloin Steaks Per lb. 
Black Angus Strp Loin Steaks Per lb 
Black Angus tenderloin Per lb. 
Black Angus Stewing Beef 1 ¼ lb pkg
Thin sliced beef liver 1 lb. 
London Broil 2 per Pkg.
Inquire re other cuts, order Mon for Friday
Grass Fed/Finished Beef, no GMO's in feed
Angus & Highland Beef from Farms:
Extra Lean ground beef, single source 1 lb. pkg
Assorted steaks each x lb.
Inquire re sides/quarters

All other cuts available on request.  Check out our Econo/Bulk Packages! Order Tuesday for Friday pickup.

Split side, full side and Econo packages on request .