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Houston's Natural Meats

You may have driven past our whimsical little country market many times and never noticed it tucked away, like something from an earlier day, behind the trees just south of the little village of Camborne, Ontario.

Now that you know we're here, do drop in and see our extensive selection of premium drug-free and hormone-free meats that you would be hard-pressed to find without a long journey to a land where the settlers farm in the old-fashioned, time-honoured way.

Our Little Country Market features:

  • Poultry (chicken, turkey, capon, goose, duck)
  • Beef (Black Angus burger, brisket, blade, chuck, sirloin, prime rib, tenderloin, strip loin, stewing, liver, grass-fed Red Angus)
  • Pork (chops, hocks, tenderloin, hams, bacon, peameal, schnitzel)
  • Game (bison, wild boar, rabbit)
  • Lamb (leg, shank, chops, roast, burger)
  • Seafood (haddock, pickerel, salmon, rainbow trout)
  • Special Events, such as our Fresh Fish weekends.
Houston's Club -- Accumulate $600 in purchases and get a FREE chicken

All products are free from drugs, hormones, and animal by-products and are raised locally in a natural environment.  Meat is packaged in one-meal or family-sized chirovac packages -- no guessing what is beneath the butcher wrap.

Bulk packaging, quarters and sides are available if that is your preference.

Located in the Village of Camborne, just north of Cobourg in Northumberland County, Ontario, we have a customer base from Toronto to Kingston. Although meat is our main focus, we also supply fresh local produce in season.

  • Mennonite chickens raised naturally -- free run.  No drugs or hormones. Available whole or in parts.
  • Black Angus Beef from Northumberland County; aged naturally.  No drugs or hormones. 

  • Ground beef, stewing beef, steaks, and roasts: frozen on hand; fresh available Friday afternoon for the weekend.  We welcome special orders; order Monday for Friday delivery.

  • Mennonite sausage; no fillers, or additives.

  • Mennonite bacon & hams cured and smoked the old fashioned way -- no pumping. 

  • Pork from Mennonite farmers. 

  • Produce from local farms in season.

  • Shoppers service and special orders from St. Jacobs Market and Mennonite (German) deli's

  • Ontario lamb year round; available in most cuts and small portions. 

  • Fresh free-run turkeys, geese, capons for festive seasons -- order ahead!
  • A big bonus is that you can purchase in small lots -- you don't have to buy a half or quarter of a cow, pig or lamb.


Wednesday:11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Thursday:10:00am - 5:00pm
Friday:10:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday:10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday:12 noon - 4:00pm

As always, we will be available for any products you need by appointment or by chance.

Terms Cash, cheque or:

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"Dog Days 2015"
Aug 20 - Aug 22, 2015

Drop in and Chat!

If you need any information on Free Run Chickens, Black Angus Beef, Mennonite Meat, Home-made and Naturally raised or grown products, recipes you would like to see, or food items you can’t locate, visit our Farm Market 3232 Burnham St. N., Cobourg, ON (Camborne VIllage). 
Click here for map.

Open weekends (see hours above). 

Watch for our ad in Thursday’s Cobourg Star classified section or email me.